Zuma Mission By SpaceX Has Been Postponed.

According to a SpaceX spokesperson, the Zuma mission that was set to launch from Kennedy Space Center on Wednesday has been postponed until Thursday. The Falcon 9 rocket and Zuma payload are both healthy, according to SpaceX. “The team will use the extra day to conduct some additional mission assurance work in advance of the launch,” said the spokesperson. 

EchoStar 23 to launch from LC-39a
SpaceX hangar at Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Credit: SpaceX

The launch time and window remain the same for Thursday, opening at 8:00 PM and closing at 10:00 PM. SpaceX will still attempt to land the Falcon 9 first stage at Landing Zone 1 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Here is a 360-degree image of the first Falcon 9 launch and landing that happened on December 21, 2015, making history. 

Very little is known about this mysterious launch. No government agency is owning up to hiring SpaceX to launch a satellite or other type of payload. The mission was also recently added to the launch manifest with adds to the mystery.


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