United Launch Alliance WGS-9 Live Stream.

Watch the launch of the WGS-9 satellite live thanks to the United Launch Alliance Live Stream powered by YouTube. The WGS-9 live stream will begin about 20-30 minutes prior to the 7:44 PM EDT lift off time. The launch window is between 7:44 PM EDT and 8:59 PM EDT and weather is currently 90% favorable for a launch. 

If you are around the Space Coast area and you would like to view there are some areas better for launch viewing than others. Scott Murray put together this great article on the best viewing areas for launches and the distance from the launch pads. 

Here are a few tips if you would like to photograph the launch and capture a long exposure image such as this long exposure image we captured of the Space Shuttle Discovery on the STS-131 mission. 

Rocket streak photo tips:

  1. DSLR capable of shooting in Bulb mode (almost any dslr will work however, cameras with bulb mode allow for longer than 30 second exposure times)
  2. Sturdy tripod
  3. Shutter release cable or remote trigger
  4. Basic camera settings – F16 at ISO 100 (Booster engine cutoff happens just under 4 mins after launch)

You can tweak the above camera settings to suite your needs. You might be in a very dark area where you will need more light or you might be in a city where you will have to expose to reduce the ambient light. 

space shuttle discovery launch long exposure at sunrise
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You can learn more about the launch of the WGS-9 satellite.


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