SpaceX CRS-13 Resupply Mission For NASA

SpaceX was awarded a contract from NASA to launch the CRS-13 or Spx-13 resupply mission to the International Space Station. SpaceX will use its flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule to send supplies, experiments, and other items to make astronauts more comfortable while in space.

No earlier than December 4th, the private space company, SpaceX will launch the Falcon rocket from the historical launch complex 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The CRS-13 mission will be the first launch at LC-40 since the pad was destroyed on September 1, 2016, while being fueled for the AMOS-6 launch.

CRS-13 Payload

A top of the Falcon 9, the Dragon space capsule will be packed with supplies and experiments. The Dragon spacecraft will carry more than a dozen International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory payloads to carry out research in a variety of areas aimed at improving life here on Earth. 

Here are a few sponsored U.S. National Lab investigations that are part of the SpaceX CRS-13 mission:

  • Assessing Osteoblast Response to Tetranite™ – Nikolaos Tapinos, Launchpad Medical (Boston, MA)
  • Barley Germination and Malting in Microgravity – Dr. Gary Hanning, Budweiser (Ft. Collins, CO)
  • Characterizing Arabidopsis Root Attractions-2 – Dr. Anna-Lisa Paul, University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
  • Implantable Nanochannel System for Delivery of Therapeutics for Muscle Atrophy (Rodent Research-6) – Dr. Alessandro Grattoni, Houston Methodist Research Institute (Houston, TX)
  • Implantable Glucose Biosensors – Michail Kastelloizios, Biorasis (Storrs, CT)



SpaceX CRS-13 (Spx-13) mission patch.
SpaceX CRS-13 (Spx-13) mission patch.

View images and other media from the CRS-13 mission on the mission gallery page. 


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