SpaceX CRS-10 Mission

You might be wondering what the SpaceX CRS-10 mission is all about. CRS stands for Commercial Resupply Service and takes supplies to the International Space Station (ISS). Although a number of different spacecraft have been used to deliver supplies to the orbiting space station, the SpaceX dragon capsule is used frequently as well as the Cygnus Cargo Module operated by Orbital ATK. The Dragon capsule currently holds the most cargo 4,200 kg dry weight for regular Dragon capsule and 6,400 kg dry weight for the Dragon V2, which is why it is used more frequently than other resupply spacecraft.

SpaceX CRS-10

CRS-10 is part of the original order of 12 missions awarded to SpaceX under the Commercial Resupply Services contract. Launching from the historical launch complex 39A NET Sat Feb. 18th at 10:04 am, the Dragon payload will consist of supplies for crew aboard the ISS and experiments such as SAGE III and STP-H5. The Dragon capsule is expected to carry 4,473 lbs of pressurized mass and 2,154 lbs of unpressurized cargo. This will be the first launch from launch complex 39A since STS-135 on July 8 2011.


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