SpaceX To Launch SES 10 March 30.

SpaceX is set to launch the SES 10 mission no earlier than March 30 2017 at 6:00 PM EST according to a tweet by the 45th Space Wing. This is yet another historical launch by SpaceX as they will use of the many Falcon 9 first stages they have recovered. The first stage being used was from the CRS-8 mission last April 2016.

Falcon 9 first stage to be reused for SES 10 missionSES 10 mission logo

SES 10 Mission

SES 10 is a geostationary communications satellite to be operated by the SES Company and was designed and built by Airbus Defense and Space on the Eurostar E3000 platform. 

The new SES satellite is a pure Ku-band payload with 60 transponders to offer direct to home broadcasting and enterprise and broadband connectivity. With its three wide beams, the satellite will cover Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil and Spanish speaking South America. 

The satellite will replace the AMC-3 and AMC-4 satellites to provide enhanced coverage and significant capacity expansion over Latin America. 

Check back on launch day for a live stream of the launch. 


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