OA-6 Launches Aboard An Atlas V Rocket From Cape Canaveral, Florida.

On March 22, 2016, ULA, Orbital ATK and NASA launched the OA-6 Cygnus Cargo Module aboard an Atlas V rocket to the International Space Station orbiting the Earth. The launch took place at 11:05 PM EST from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

OA-6 360-degree VR long exposure rocket streak image.

View the 360-degree panoramic image in full screen.

Saffire mission logo. Rending of the OA-6 Cygnus Cargo Module. View of the Vehicle Assembly building on the night of the OA-6 launch.

United Launch Alliance OA-6 long exposure rocket streak image.
United Launch Alliance OA-6 long exposure rocket streak image. Credit: Biz360Tours

United Launch Alliance OA-6 flight tracking

One of the many payloads on the Cygnus cargo module is the Spacecraft Fire Experiment-I (Saffire-I). After the Cygnus leaves the International Space Station (ISS) and before it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere, the Saffire-I will intentionally ignite a massive scale fire inside the module. Instruments will measure flame growth, oxygen usage and more. This fire will help scientist understand fire growth in microgravity and help safeguard future space missions. Learn more about this experiment on the NASA website.


View the Cygnus resupply ship inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.


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