Mysterious SpaceX Zuma Launch Delayed Until Further Notice.

SpaceX has delayed the Zuma mission until further notice. On Thursday, SpaceX announced, “We have decided to stand down and take a closer look at data from recent fairing testing for another customer. Though we have preserved the range opportunity for tomorrow, we will take the time we need to complete the data review and will then confirm a new launch date.”. Since Thursday, SpaceX has not provided any further information regarding the delay which is not surprising with the secrecy of the payload. 

Official SpaceX Zuma Mission Patch

Media photographers have also returned to launch complex 39A to retrieve their remote cameras, confirming SpaceX will be taking a few days if not weeks to assess the payload fairing issue to ensure a safe launch from their classified client.

We will keep you updated on the status of the mission when we get more information from SpaceX.


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