Florida’s Multi-user Spaceport Set To Be Busy In 2018.

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Florida’s eastern range at the Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station are set to have a busy year in 2018. Currently, there are about twenty launches scheduled between SpaceX and United Launch Alliance in 2018.

Kennedy Space Center, Florida's Multi-user Spaceport
Kennedy Space Center, Florida’s Multi-User Spaceport. Credit: NASA

SpaceX has the most launches currently scheduled for Florida with an astonishing thirteen launches. SpaceX will utilize both it’s launch complexes, pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center and pad 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

United Launch Alliance rounds up the remaining launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with seven between the Atlas V, Delta 4 and the Delta 4 Heavy rockets. United Launch Alliance will be launching their Atlas V rockets from launch complex 41, the Delta 4 and the Delta 4 Heavy from 37B at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

With approximately 1.6 rocket launches a month, it will undoubtedly be a busy and exciting 2018 year for SpaceX, United Launch Alliance and Florida’s Space Coast alike.

The Multi-user Spaceport Launches

Both SpaceX and United Launch Alliance have launches scheduled for January. SpaceX will attempt to launch the highly classified Zuma mission along with trying to get the Falcon Heavy Demo Flight off the ground and at the end of the month, the SES-16 / GovSat 1 mission. United Launch Alliance has the SBIRS GEO-4 mission on the books towards the end of the month.SpaceX logo.

SpaceX logo. Credit: SpaceXIn February, SpaceX currently only has a launch scheduled for the SES-12 mission. The SES-12 launch complex is still unknown.

For March, ULA has the GOES-S mission, while SpaceX has the Hispasat 30W-6, Bangabandhu 1, CRS-14, and TESS missions for the month. 

April, United Launch Alliance has the AFSPC 11 mission, and SpaceX has the Crew Dragon capsule demo with the Falcon Heavy rocket. 

In May, there are currently no launches scheduled for Kennedy Space Center or at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. 

June, SpaceX has another Falcon Heavy (NET) for the STP-2 mission and the CRS-15 that will launch aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. United Launch Alliance does not have a launch scheduled for this month. 

United Launch Alliance logo.
United Launch Alliance logo. Credit: United Launch Alliance

In July, United Launch Alliance picks back up after two months off from launching in Florida. ULA will launch the Parker Solar Probe late in July. SpaceX currently has nothing scheduled for July. 

For August, SpaceX does not have anything scheduled. However, we might see a launch by ULA in this month. It might be possible they will launch the GPS 3-01 mission in August. 

September is another month SpaceX, and United Launch Alliance has no launches scheduled currently. 

United Launch Alliance will attempt to launch the AEHF 4 mission aboard an Atlas V in October. 

November brings us two more launches, one by SpaceX and the other by United Launch Alliance. First in November is the WGS 10 launch by United Launch Alliance and then later in the month SpaceX will launch the CRS-16 mission to the International Space Station.

Please note that any of these launches can be delayed for a number reasons, including weather, technical issues or other unforeseen circumstances. As we saw with the SpaceX Zuma mission, we also know launches can be added to the schedule just as quickly. There are also several missions that still do not have a set date and are either TBD, Early 2018, Late 2018 or NET. 



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