Breaking: TDRS-M Satellite May Have Been Damaged

From a reliable source, (not confirmed) the TDRS-M space communications satellite may have been damaged during the encapsulation process at Astrotech Space Operations in Titusville, Florida. The device that may have been damaged is the Omni S-band antenna.

TDRS-M Omni Antenna.
Omni Antenna. Credit: Scott Murray
TDRS Diagram
TDRS Diagram. Credit: NASA

No word on how this will impact the August 3rd launch target. A power up may be required to test the satellite which could delay encapsulation at least a week.

The AtlasV has been delivered to SLC-41 and into the vertical integration facility (VIF) for mating with the TDRS-M payload.

Check out our mission media gallery for more images. 


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