Atlas V GPS IIF-7 Night Launch Panoramic.

On August 1, 2014 United Launch Alliance successfully launched an Atlas V rocket with the GPS IIF-7 into orbit. Biz360Tours was at the Exploration Tower located at the busy Port Canaveral, Florida when they captured the below long exposure 360° spherical panoramic image of the Atlas V rocket launch. Using the long exposure photography technique Biz360Tours was able to capture a full arch of the rocket streak as the rocket blasts into orbit.

Click here to view the image full screen or in virtual reality mode.

GPS IIF-7 Night Launch

Below you can see the “Little Planet” created from the 360° night panoramic.GPS IIF-7
Biz360Tours is the only photography company producing these amazing long exposure 360° panoramic images of night time rocket launches. Here is another rocket launch Biz360Tours captured at night in full 360°.  If you would like to purchase a print, email or call 321-210-1910



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