Watch World’s First 360-degree Video Of A Rocket Launch.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) and Orbital ATK will broadcast the world’s first 360-degree video of a rocket launch live Tuesday April 18. You can view the 360° live stream on the NASA TV channel or we will embed the live feed into a new post. The live feed will begin 10 mins before launch. NASA TV YouTube Channel can be found at

While this will not be the first 360 degree video of a rocket launch it will be the first live stream. Other agencies and private space companies have used 360 degree video technology in the past, mostly with consumer grade 360 cameras. United Launch Alliance so far to our knowledge is the only one to hire a professional VR agency to create 360 content for them. We are not sure which route ULA has taken this time as both consumer grade cameras and professional grade 360 cameras are both compatible with 360 degree live streaming. 

We hope to see multiple cameras setup around the pad or even on the rocket itself, however there might only be one camera mounted by the base of the rocket. 

Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft will launch on a ULA Atlas V rocket carrying more than 7,600 pounds of science research, crew supplies and hardware to the orbiting laboratory. Launch is targeted for Tuesday, April 18 during a 30-minute window that opens at 11:11 a.m. EDT.

To view in 360, use a mouse or move a personal device to look up and down, back and forth, for a 360-degree view around Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Note: not all browsers support viewing 360 videos. YouTube supports playback of 360-degree videos on computers using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. Viewers may use the YouTube app to view the launch on a smart phone. Those who own virtual reality headsets will be able to look around and experience the view as if they were actually standing on the launch pad.

You can view more articles related to 360 content here or you can view some of our own 360 degree virtual reality videos on our YouTube Channel. You can also head over to our shop to purchase prints, mugs, shirts or other space merchandise.

*The feature image is a screen grab from the United Launch Alliance 360 virtual reality video of the NROL-37 mission. 


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