SpaceX Sending A Tesla To Mars

For the Falcon Heavy Demo launch, SpaceX has decided to launch Elon’s cherry red Telsa Roadster into orbit. This “dummy” payload is to simulate a payload going to Mars. Even if SpaceX doesn’t complete all of the experimental milestones, they will be collecting critical data for future flights. SpaceX said, “Ultimately, a successful demonstration mission will be measured by the quality of information we can gather to improve the launch vehicle for our existing and future customers.”

With the Falcon Heavy sitting healthy at the historic launch complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Elon mentioned he “normally gets nervous before a launch,” however he is not nervous about this launch, then mentioned, “that might not be a good thing.”

Elon also stated that the Falcon Heavy would put on a fantastic show, one way or another, hinting at a possible 50/50 chance of successfully launching the Falcon Heavy.

Elon Musk stated in a conference call that there would be three cameras on the Tesla and other data collecting sensors during the voyage towards Mars.

A Tesla Roadster ready for launch on the Falcon Heavy. Credit: SpaceX

During the same conference call, Elon said there was an Easter egg hidden within the Falcon Heavy animation video released earlier today on the SpaceX YouTube channel. We slowed the footage down, however, could not notice any Easter egg on the dash. We will leave that to the eagle-eyed Space fans to find.

You can catch the Falcon Heavy live stream either on the SpaceX channel or our post here. Learn more about the Falcon Heavy launch in our previous post.


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