SpaceX Files For STARLINK Trademarks For Satellite Constellation

SpaceX might be getting into the satellite game according to a new trademark filing. SpaceX filed three standard character marks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. The private space company filed a service mark, trademark and a trademark service mark. SpaceX plans to call this new company STARLINK, not to be confused with Suburu’s version by the same name. 

starlink logo
This is the logo filed with the trademark and service mark applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office for SpaceX’s Starlink. Photo: United States Patent and Trademark Office/Starlink

The service mark filing will protect the services of STARLINK such as “Satellite communications and transmission services; wireless broadband communications services; transmission of data, voice and video via satellite”, and other services. The trademark will protect the actual products STARLINK is looking to produce. Descriptions in the application refer to “Satellites for scientific and commercial purposes; equipment for receiving, processing and transmitting of voice, video, data and information via telecommunications and wireless signals.”

SpaceX and STARLINK basically want to build a huge satellite constellation with about 4,000 satellites to provide internet services to world with a “full and continuous global coverage.” The company will achieve this by placing the satellites at different altitudes and different angles. 

We can see the first batch of satellites in the new constellation being launched as early as 2019. If approved, the SpaceX launch manifest will be filling up with a whole lot more launches from Florida and California. 

The filings even detail a very cool process for when the satellites reach their expected life span. The satellite company even wants to have these satellites re-enter Earth’s atmosphere for possible recycling or just to make sure there is less space junk floating in space.


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