Minotaur 4 Rocket To Launch ORS-5 SensorSat Mission

On August 25th, Orbital ATK will launch the Operationally Responsive Space-5 or ORS-5 SensorSat into orbit on-board a Minotaur 4 rocket for the U.S. Air Force. This will be the first time a Minotaur 4 rocket will launch from the Space Coast. Launching from the newly renovated Launch Complex 46 at the south end of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, lift-off is set for 11:15 PM and has a 4 hour launch window that will last until 3:15 AM

ORS-5 SensorSat illustration
This illustration of SensorSat is the only one released by the Air Force. Many details about the mission remain secret. Credit: U.S. Air Force

The overall objective of ORS-5 is to to continue the Space-Based Surveillance System or SBSS satellite program’s mission to detect, track, and identify objects in deep space. These capabilities are needed to give satellite operators actionable knowledge and the ability to leverage U.S. and allied space capabilities to protect space assets and counter any potential hostile space activities.

Many of the details about ORS-5 remain classified, however the SensorSat will test technologies and reduce the risk for future Space Situational Awareness or SSA  missions.


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