ULA NROL-52 Mission Set For This Weekend.

According to United Launch Alliance (ULA), the telemetry transmitter that caused Saturday’s launch delay has been replaced and tested. The launch vehicle and spacecraft remain secure in the Vertical Integration Facility. ULA stated the NROL-52 mission would launch no earlier than this Saturday, October 14th. We suspect this will be another early morning launch attempt from the Florida Space Coast. Update at 11:46pm. New launch time is 3:31 am EDT.

ULA NROL-52 mission logo
ULA NROL-52 mission logo

This mission will mark ULA’s seventh launch of 2017 and 26th for the National Reconnaissance Office. This mission will be the 74th flight of the Atlas V rocket and the seventh in the 421 configuration.

Check out our mission gallery page for photos and video related to the United Launch Alliance mission.


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