Atlas V Restructured For Commercial Sales

This week’s press release spells out a new commercial launch sales strategy where United Launch Alliance (ULA) adds Boeing and drops Lockheed Marting from the mix. Returning Astronauts To Space From U.S. Soil aboard an Atlas V booster with the #CST-100 Starliner capsule.

The launch services provider will now assume marketing and sales from Lockheed Martin Commercial Launch Services and continue to manage all operational activities and now has the full authority to market and sell Atlas V launch services to commercial customers, according to the release January 22, 2018.

Atlas V Restructured For Commercial Sales - Atlas V Starliner patch

“ULA has undergone a tremendous transformation over the last two years, and with our innovative techniques, coupled with world-class reliability and schedule certainty, we are well positioned to offer Atlas V launch services to our current and potential commercial customers,” said Tory Bruno, ULA’s president, and CEO. “ULA will serve as a business partner committed to building a launch strategy that maximizes the commercial provider’s profits and positions them above their competition.”

Sitting atop the Atlas V and perhaps the Vulcan will be Boeing’s Starliner crew space capsule

This post is a follow-up to an article on the new direction of United Launch Alliance at Space News 360. Vandenberg staff and operations are coming to a close with one more DeltaII (IceSat-2 Late September) launch and a few more Atlas V (Insight-Early May) and DeltaIV (Heavy – NROL 71 Late September) – 2018 missions. 


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